The word ‘shaman’ means spiritual healer/one who sees in the dark. 
Shamanic sessions are a deeper type of energy work, accessing different states of mind, the past, future,  spirit realms, other realities and dimensions, the unknown.

Time and space are an illusion any illness or dis-ease in the physical body first originated in the energetic body, clearing and healing in the energetic realm can make way for the body to heal itself in the physical or prevent it from manifesting into the physical. 

Some shamanic techniques that I use include energetic cord removals, soul recall or retrieval, intrusion removals, past life healing, AI cord and device removals.
Shamanic journeys also use the aid of sound, breath, crystals and natural elements, such as flowers, stones feathers etc.

The start of session usually includes a balancing of the energy centres (chakras) with sound, voice, breath and or Reiki, depending on what’s been discussed or what concerns you have you may be taken into a shamanic journey. Shamanic journeys can include finding your spirit animal,  heal a past event, healing a past life event, soul retrieval or recall, find a hidden aspect of yourself and more.

The shamanic journey expands your perception of what you’ve known to be the physical reality entering into a journey and into a theta brainwave state via the rhythmic percussion of a drum, gong or rattle or crystal bowl etc to heal what is needed in the moment.

These sessions are done intuitively and usually only something that is ready to be released or dealt with will be made known during the session.  

These are quite advanced techniques and not for everyone, trust your intuition if you feel called to a shamanic session then you are ready.



The beautiful resonating sound of the crystal singing bowl, deep cleansing sounds of the gong, hand drum, rattle and more, help you to go deeper into yourself, to trust and let go mentally.

During these sessions we draw on sound to help heal the mind and body, we relax into a guided meditation, visualisation or a yoga nidra meditation to prepare the mind and body and to take you into a deep state of waking consciousness.



The emotion code®️ is an energy healing technique designed to help identify and release Trapped Emotions in a non-invasive way, a simple but effective technique.



Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing which works on your body’s electromagnetic field (aka energetic field / aura) to promote balance within your mind, body, and spirit.


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